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Our Legacy

Founded in 1961, with its primary objective to protect and safeguard the labor rights of all actors in Cyprus. It is an independent union with its own statute submitted to the Registrar of Guilds and independent of any political party identity. It represents more than 400 professional actors, active in the field of Theater, Television, Cinema, Voice Overs and other related artistic activities. The AUC is also a proud member of the FIA ​​(The International Federation of Actors), and EuroFIA (European Group of the International Federation of Actors), a global federation of performers’ trade unions, guilds and professional associations from around the world.

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Where we are heading

Here at Actors Union Cyprus, we are committed to improving the lives of all working actors as well as strengthening and defending the professional interests of all its members, in all areas of their artistic activity. Our main goal is to elevate, improve and secure the Actor's profession, as well as to provide a wide range of benefits, including health and retirement programs.

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Meet the AUC Board

The Actors Union Cyprus is governed by its members through an elected Council that represents all actors living and working in the Republic of Cyprus.

Members at large participate in AUC's governance through our General Assemblies.


Andreas Tselepos


International Relations (FIA/EuroFIA)


Marina Mandri

Vice President

Code of Ethics Department Head


Anna Yiagkiozi

General Secretary

Theatre Department Head





Public Relations Officer


Marianna Santi

Audiovisual Department Head 


Panagiota Papageorgiou

Independent and Subsidised Troupe Advisor

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Andreas Papamichalopoulos

Broadcasting Advisor


Katia Georghiades