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AUC, Lifetime Achievement Award

On September 4, we celebrated and honored all those who worked, fought and dreamed with common denominator unity, solidarity, people and art.

Our goal for 2022, is to create a new statute. That of the Actors Union Cyprus Awards (the AUC Awards). The awards will focus on both the individual performances of actors as well as the work of the entire cast of a Theatrical Performance, a Drama and a Comedy TV Series, a Film, as well as the Lifetime Achievement Award. These distinctions are fundamental to the spirit of the Actors Union Cyprus, because they recognize exactly that, that acting is an art of collaboration.

We took the first step by presenting the first AUC Lifetime Achievement Award. The award, a creation of Printmaker / Visual Artist, Efklides Papadopoulos, which is based on a previous printmaking work of his.



The Award:

It was presented to a person who worked selflessly, always close to the young people, with fists and courage, either as President of the Union, or as a member of the Board of Directors, as an advisor or as an experienced strong voice. His work is valuable for all of us and we presented this award to our fellow actor, Spyros Stavrinidis.

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