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60 Years Actors Union Cyprus

Dear colleagues and friends, Today we celebrate the 60th anniversary of the founding of Actors Union Cyprus. The AUC was the first official and comprehensive union of the island's creative faces and voices representing and claiming the labor rights of actors, working in the field of theatre, television, cinema and radio.

Today we honor and thank all those who fought and dreamed of a better future, having as common denominator unity, solidarity and the common good.

On behalf of AUC's Board of Directors, we promise that we will continue our struggle for the Recognition of a professional profile in the national catalog of occupations and the creation of national professional registers as well as the modernization of our working conditions. This year, and under these very difficult conditions that we all experienced, we were able to prove that Together we Can. Let us continue to dream, let us continue to fight collectively, having as our main concern life and art.

Happy birthday to our family of actors, happy birthday, Actors Union Cyprus.


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